More than 6 hectares of Paveh rangelands are burnt.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, since the 9 July 2017, pastures and forests of the Sheikhan village and Qalaga city of Paveh were burned from the east of Kurdistan.

Reports indicate a fire in a large part of the rangelands of more than 6 hectares, and with the timely action of local people and environmentalists, they were able to control the fire.

In the first of July this year, 5 hectares of lush meadows in the Sardareh area of the city of Paveh in the fuel fires of Paveh have over 77,000 hectares of national resources, including forests and pastures.

According to the Director General of Natural Resources of Kermanshah: this year, 220 hectares of forest and pastures in the province have been burned. It should be noted that widespread fires in various parts of eastern Kurdistan are damaging forests, rangelands, agricultural products, and human and animal ecosystems every day. According to well-informed sources, most fires are deliberate and by Military forces and agents affiliated with the Islamic Republic, because the firefighting authorities did not take any action to quench the fire and  people in these areas have tried to shut down the fire with a elementary Supplies.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association