Summoning two civil activist during the commemoration of the chemical bombardment of Sardasht in eastern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, on Thursday, 29 June 2017, “Mostafa Azizpour” and “SalahDin Khezri” during the commemoration of the chemical bombardment of the city of Sardasht, which was carried out by the Iraqi government on Sunday 28 June 1987, were carried by carriage The placard, which was written “Not to kill the Carrier (innocent civilians)”, was summoned by the security authorities and interrogated and released after a few hours.

According to a source, a plainclothes man who was present among citizens and civil activists in the city of Sardasht in the east of Kurdistan who were moving to the tomb of the victims who commemorated the victims of the attack, identified those They had written in their hands to support Carrier.

It should be noted that the chemical bombardment of the city of Sardasht took place on Sunday 28 June 1987,during the Iran-Iraq war, when 110 civilian civilians were killed and at least 8,000 were exposed to toxic gases, So far, they suffer from complications.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has not provided any significant medical treatment to the injured, and does not provide any support or service to the the victims of this tragedy.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association