The increasing trend of drug addiction in eastern Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association in recent years, we are seeing an increase in addiction in eastern Kurdistan due to the high unemployment rate in eastern Kurdistan.

According to Salim Karimi, the secretary of the Counter Narcotics Coordination Council of the Kurdistan province, 21,000 people are estimated to be addicts in Kurdistan province, of which 9.5 percent are women, which unfortunately their trend is mostly to industrial drugs. Is. Reducing the age of addiction under the age of 18 and endangering the roots of addiction in the family health of children.

It should be noted that according to reports, 30% of women were infected by their husbands. That means at least 4,000 children have parents and addicts, and in fact at least half of these children are addicted and this is a risk of a greater reduction in the age of addiction in this province.

In this regard, we can point to the causes of addiction, which is the increase in poverty and unemployment. Poverty and the deprivation of the people of eastern Kurdistan, including the lack of educational facilities, for example, lack of education in many villages in Baneh, lack of water and electricity in many Bijar villages, lack of communication channels and health facilities and health centers, sports and high schools, and the lack of recreation centers And the library and the lack of prevention programs of addiction are among the issues that should be mentioned.

It should be noted that increasing addiction increases HIV and hepatitis, mental illness, increasing corruption and prostitution.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association