Shooting  to an innocent civilians and wounding him by Corps forces

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) forces around Sardasht directly to innocent civilians wounded one of them.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, this morning Tuesday 27 June 2017, the IRGC forces in region Kani Zardi near the Sardasht on a large of number innocent civilians shooting and meanwhile, Zurar, son of Abdullah,from Nelas Sardasht, was head injured, which was transmitted to the Orumieh hospital by other innocent civilians.

One of the carrier present there said that innocent civilians did not carry any cargo they were  gone to see if there was any cargo to carry which by the Revolutionary Guards were suddenly shot without previous warning.

It should be noted that from the beginning of 2013 until late 2016, the statistics announced carrier, who killed as a result of the firing of border guards, was 212 the injured also reported 314 people in 2016, 154 carrier in various incidents of shooting, mine explosion , cold, chase and escape were killed or wounded 76 killed, 64 wounded , and 4 others unknown.

Statistic innocent civilians of Kurdistan Province,Orumieh untill March 2017, by the news sources of the Islamic Republic of Iran, such as Salamat News, and the Journal of the Vaghaye Etefaghieh, 40000 people have been announced .

It is estimated also in the province of Kermanshah and Ilam The same number are busy to carrier job But no specific statistics were announced by the government.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association