Again fire Kermanshah forests in Kurdistan East.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, during the past few days, forests and pastures in Kermanshah were burned down.

Reports of a fire in the Osmanvandi area were from Kermanshah province in eastern Kurdistan, which included a large part of the pastures in this area (over 5 hectares) and, with action and efforts of citizens,they were able to control the fire.

It should be noted that widespread fires in various parts of eastern Kurdistan are damaging forests, rangelands, agricultural products, and human and animal ecosystems every day. According to well informed sources, most fires are deliberate and by Military forces and agents affiliated with the Islamic Republic, because the firefighting authorities did not take any action to quench the fire and the people of these areas tried to shut down the fire with a Elementary equipment turn off.

It should be noted that in the wake of recent fires, the forests of the city of Dareh Shahr, from the provinces of Ilam and the forests of Chali Sour, and the plains “Hanga jaleh” and “Dhaymeh Jo”, from the Marivan functions they got burned.And again, these fires are only by people and environmental activists of these cities control and has been turned off and while the Marivan fire because shelling of the Islamic Republic of Iran military base in the Galeh village of Marivan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association