The European Parliament in condemnation of Iran,called for a review of the extent of human rights violations by this government.

According to the report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , 265 members of the European Parliament condemned the Joint Human Rights Abuse Statement in Iran and demanded that the Commission investigate the massacre of political prisoners, transfer the perpetrators of crimes against humanity to the International Court of Justice, and place the Revolutionary Guard in the blacklist.

Signatories expressed concern over the high number of executions in Iran that more than 3,000 people were hanged during the first term of the presidency of Hassan Rouhani.

According to Amnesty International, the statement states that Iran alone has carried out 55% of executions recorded in the world in 2016. Iran is currently executing most of the executions in the world. Iran is also ranked first in the execution of prisoners under the age of 18 when arrested.

The statement referred to Rouhani’s remarks in a public speech broadcast on Iran’s television that Rouhani described executions as a good law and God’s law. In part of this statement, the international community was asked to act as a violation of the Iranian crimes in Iraq and in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has clearly and continuously condemned human rights violations and has already condemned hundreds of executions and numerous imprisonments for a long time to come.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association