Destruction of Ahmad Khan’s body in Doug Bayezid, North Kurdistan by AKP

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, 25 June 2017, the Municipality Dogh Bayezid,Ağrı province in the northern Kurdistan province, destroyed the iconic poet Kurd “Ahmad Khani” and from this place has been removed.

After the failed coup last year, AKP’s Justice and Edalat Party took advantage of this situation, and all the chairman of the North Kurdistan Municipalities, elected by popular vote and voting that involved more than 100 cities, dismissed and send to prison.

The plan and program of the Justice and Edalat Party is destroying and destroying the Kurdish historical heritage in this part of Kurdistan.

According to the authoritative sources, the legacy of the “Sur” region came from the functions Amed”, a historic site and ancient civilization of Kurdistan, completely destroyed.

It should be noted that the destruction of the “Ahmad Khani”, along with the policy of the disappearance of thousands of years of civilization and the historical heritage of the Kurds.

Ahmed Khani, a poet and philosopher of Kurd who, in the middle of the years (1671-1707), composed one of the most prominent tragedy stories filled with passion and love, and the status and feel of his community and his nation at that time, Ahmad Khani is one of the founders of Kurdish classical poetry and inspiration that works on the development of thought and And the philosophy of Kurdistan established.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association