110 prisoners in Zanjan are waiting for execution

According to a report of Kurdistan Human Rights Association and reports quoting Harana that about half of the prison population in Zanjan, which has nearly 2,500 prisoners , is made up of drug dependent prisoners, of which about 110 have been sentenced to death.

It should be noted that among these prisoners there are citizens of eastern Kurdistan whose names are as follows: “Hamzeh Rahimpour” from Sardasht, “Bahman Parvizi” from Miandoab, “Jamshid Allah Verdi” from Miandoab on material charges Drug and “Mostafa Hassanzadeh” from Ilam for murder, all of which have been confirmed by the Supreme Court, and their cases have been sent to execution, and according to a source informed, most likely after the month of Ramadan The execution of these prisoners will be executed.

Zanjan Prison, located in the northwest of Zanjan, now has about 2,500 prisoners . In this prison, 11 prisoners are  under the age of 18 and about half of the prison population is made up of prisoners charged with drug abuse, theft, mahr, murder and financial crimes.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association