Being killed another carrier (innocent civilian ) in Kurdistan East

According to the Reports of Human Rights Association , another innocent civilian named Mohammad Darbarani because the direct firing of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s  forces hit and lost his life.

Being killed  Mohammad Darbarani and the wounding of two other innocent civilian  from Piranshahr It happened this week Sirvan Azizi young innocent civilian from Sardasht due to the firing of armed forces affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran lost his life.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the daily and continuously Kurdish hard working carrier (innocent civilians) , has targeted and take their lives.

According to the report,none  of the Kurdish elected representatives in parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran have ever responded to their responsibility to their nation and have not made any positive action in this respect.

It is noteworthy , in the east of Kurdistan due to the absence of any facilities and job opportunities and increasing unemployment , residents of these cities and villages, and especially young people, who are forced to carrier job , a job, full of risk and danger, on , while the Islamic Republic of Iran daily made them the target of their bullets and take their lives.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association