Citizens protest village “Alton” of city functions Saqez in East Kurdistan

According to the report on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association the citizens of the village “Alton Sofla ” ( lower ) functions Saqez in East Kurdistan city held protest against the conditions of rural roads.

The report said that the people of the village above the destroyed village way by the contractor Beltway was protesting, and the responsible authorities to appeal to these problems, and announced that the road to Alton sofla (lower) by building underpasses or U-Turn right from the risks of accidents and safety of citizens avoid travel.

But so far no action by the relevant organs has been done and while in Saqez with traffic, heavy machinery in city traffic, the citizens of this city have been hampered for years by promising the construction of autobahn people have entertained.

It should be noted that the projects under the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to high costs associated yet with the methods and plans for global standards and safety rules for construction of highways far and perhaps more development projects for East Kurdistan half abandoned and budget of the project is in doubt.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association