German police raid a peaceful gathering support from Rojava

According to reports, Kurdistan Human Rights Association , the German police forces on Saturday 17 June, to support protests of Rojava (West Kurdistan) attacked and several people were arrested and beaten.

NNS ROJ brought news website in the news this link: police under the pretext of carrying “flags and symbols of the banned” by the Interior Ministry raided the German citizens in the protests. As a result, anti-conflict between the two sides three civilians were wounded and taken to hospitals.

7 citizen who had been arrested by police after the protest participants in the protests were released.

German Interior Minister issued a circular in early March with 16 states to carry and hoist flags and placards depicting an image of jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and 33 other symbol of Kurdish parties and organizations banned in the country.

The German Interior Ministry has published a list that carrying the flag of East defense units, units defender of women and the Democratic Union Party also been banned.

Last month, a 75 years old Kurdish woman by the name of attaching symbols Cologne court banned her clothes had been sentenced to pay a fine of 300 euros.

The flag symbols impose limitations to carry the and defense People’s Protection Units and units that women have a significant role in the fight against the Islamic State and now the main ally of the international coalition against Syria has faced wide criticism.

Many parties and groups in Germany, the prohibition of was unfair and wanted to fix it. German Left Party in this regard calls for ban Kurdish Workers’ Party and one of its main programs is selected.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association