Increase the number of mine victims Aghdareh events Thursday to 13

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , the number of victims Aghdareh village Orumieh Province East Kurdistan , beaten by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were to 13 people.

The report said that some of them have been admitted to hospitals in neighboring towns and some of them out of fear of being arrested at his home by family had been treated.

It is worth mentioning that on Thursday 25 June, a number of residents of the city of Tekab in Orumieh East Kurdistan to find a job in the gold mine Aghdareh non application of the villagers in the company attempted to peaceful protests that hit and beat the forces of the Islamic Republic security Iran faced.

As the second largest gold mine gold mine Aghdarreh Iran’s geopolitical is located 30 km from the city of Takab. Pouyazrkan mining company Aghdareh first mining company active in gold in Iran. The company began its activities in 1996, the company headquarters is located in the city of Karaj, annual production capacity of 2.2 tons of pure gold is mine.

From the beginning, the company began mining gold in the mine was so far much damage to the environment and ecology stricken area and the citizens and villages around the mine faced with the loss of livestock and their farmland.

Because that to extract gold from the mine abundance of chemicals used cyanuric mine of effluent that caused the deaths of livestock and horticulture and agriculture due to the presence of cyanuric high in fruits and cereals, they are not for sale.

Also around the mine sluice was constructed to produce pure gold that infect the region’s ecology and natural water area is also unhealthy. Drinking water the villagers also is infected.

According to villagers deaths and and patients with diseases such as cancer and lung infections among villagers  is sharply higher than in the surrounding villages of Tekab.

It should be mentioned that about 250 miners Aghdareh in January 2014,in protest against the dismissal of the company have gathered that one of them committed suicide to protest the loss of his job. Client complaints judiciary on charges of sedition indictment against 17 workers of the and sentenced them to bear the punishment of imprisonment, were sentenced to pay as cash punishment and lashes.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association