Shelling of Kurdistan East by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and according to the website of Kurdistan Media, Friday dated 16 June 2017, about 10 pm, the military government of Iran to the shelling of the village of “Zaferan ” of city functions “of Sar Pol Zahab” in Kermanshah province has and much damage to the region and  huge damage in the area and the environment.

It is worth mentioning that the Islamic Republic of Iran under various pretexts citizens of Kurdish attack and put raided the homes of people and arbitrary arrests, repression, intimidation and threats to the security effects of Kurdistan and despite the fact that in the wake of recent events Tehran by radical Islamists affiliated with Daesh Statistics citizens detained on Civil and religious minorities has increased and reports of the continued story.

The reality of Iran ruling on the present time suggests create division between people and different nationalities in Iran and separation of militarization in predominantly Kurdish through arrests and threats, to shelling a wide from Kurdistan and as a result it is possible to fire meadows and forest fires and the destruction of agricultural crops and the environment.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association