Destruction of bridges and roads citizens “Orumiyeh” and neglect official

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , after two months of heavy precipitation of rain and melting snow have caused flooding and destruction of bridges and roads “Orumieh” in East Kurdistan was still no action on the modernization them yet and while the bridges connecting route of the villagers is that among the most important are the bridge “Golestane” in the zone “Mergur sector” functions Urmia noted that the town Ziveh to Silvana attached, and the modes of destruction left by and people with vehicles in traffic on this bridge are destructive.

According to the report, the bridge Golestane regeneration feature and tapping again, and to rebuild the bridge and other bridges in need of funds for financing but due to the negligence of officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, still no credit for the construction of bridges considered not and even for the movement of people in the region do not provide emergency and the people of the region at the expense of their lives crossing the bridges were destroyed, and any time there is an incident bitter.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association